Monday, 4 July 2016

Wimbledon 2016 - Progress physiotherapist looks at common tennis elbow and other tips

It’s Wimbledon again and we naturally get inspired to get out there and start smashing winners!  If we don’t do this on a regular basis though, our over-enthusiasm could just lead to muscle and joint injuries.

The most common of these is ‘Tennis Elbow’, which as some of you might have discovered does not necessarily involve tennis! This is a pain on the outside of the elbow and is usually associated with overuse, resulting in a painful tendon. Other injuries may involve the shoulder, knee and ankle.
How do we avoid these and enjoy our court time?

The most effective way to do this to do a warm-up that involves the movements that you are going to be performing when you play; avoid deep, sustained stretching as there is now evidence suggesting that not only does this not reduce the risk of injury, but it may also reduce your chance of playing well.

The warm-up should start with light jogging followed by brisker sprints. Shoulder movements overhead, across the chest and ‘windmills’ will help prepare your shoulders. You’re now ready to hit some ground strokes and start moving around the court. Finally, practice your serve with increasing speed and power as you warm-up.

Ok, you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to stay hydrated through your match, not only will you feel fresher, you will reduce your risk of injury and your focus and concentration will last longer.
Enjoy your game!

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