Friday, 11 November 2016

From laser beams to Unicorns and something about a £50 note!

Laser Beams an Unicorns are not the first things that would come to mind when you think about physiotherapy. Our competition winner Lauren Thomas has just had her initial assessment with our Specialist Physiotherapist Lauren Bradshaw at Progress.

The initial assessment included biomechanical analysis with a specific focus on running. This included movement screening and strength endurance of major muscle groups required to run efficiently.

You can see how Lauren got on with her plank and her side planks, which included the good side and the wonky!
We speak to Lauren about how she feels about being our athlete and a little bit of her running history here.

If you are starting your training plan and want some expert advice from Lauren or any of the team at Progress call 01223 200580 to arrange an appointment.